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The First Crab Knife

The Killer Crab Knife was created by crabbers!  Developed out of a need to find a quick, easy and accurate way to kill crabs.  The knife was designed by a father and son in Washington State who love to crab and be out on the water.  

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Killing is Quick, Easy and Accurate.  Flip the crab on its back, place the knife down the center of the crab and with one swift blow from the mallet the crab is dead.  It’s fun & easy, even young kids can do it. 

Cleaning is Easier.  With the body cut in half, just grab the legs and twist out of the shell.  Rinse off the body halves and you’re ready to cook.  Very little mess and the whole process takes about 20 seconds. 

Cooking is Faster.  Fit 2X the amount of crab in the pot and cooking time is cut to just 12 minutes vs cooking whole. Best of all when your crab is done it’s time to eat!