Our Story

Scout Trading Co. is a family business.  We are a family that loves to be out on the water, cruising, fishing, crabbing, hiking the islands, and anchoring in remote bays.  Our kids have grown up on boats, they love it, my wife and I love it.

When asked, “Hey kids, would you rather go to Disneyland or out on the boat for the weekend?” The answer is a resounding “out on the boat!”

We especially love to go crabbing. We’ve used all kinds of methods to clean crab over the years but by far the easiest thing we found came from an old school knife someone gave me years ago.  It was a rigging knife used on old ships.  The knife had a sharp, thick fixed blade.  When a rigging line needed to be cut, the sailor would hold the knife on the line then hit the top of the blade with a mallet.  This was a quick and easy way to cut the line. 

We didn’t have any need to cut line in that way on our boat, so we decided to kill crabs with it! It worked fantastic, and made the process super quick, easy and accurate.

I’m an entrepreneur, having owned my own business since I was 19 (1994). I wanted to start teaching my son and daughter about entrepreneurship.  Developing a business having to do with fishing and boating was the natural choice given our love for the water and outdoors.

Using the idea from the old rigging knife we decided to design the ultimate crab killing tool.  We got the whole family involved in the development. We came up with a name, drew up plans for the knife,  designed the packaging, sourced a manufacturer, built a website, discussed pricing and distribution strategies, went through the patent process and put all the pieces together to form a company.  In the end we formed Scout Trading Co. who’s signature product is the Killer Crab Knife!

It’s been a whole lot of fun and a lot of work. Best of all, our kids have learned, and will continue to learn a ton about developing a product, starting a company and selling a product.

Thank You, for your support!